Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Italia Meat Market

Last week I posted a photo of the Golden Dragon restaurant looking south. Well, here's the view from the other end, from probably the same late 60s / early 70s time period. (The photo appears courtesy of the Black River Historical Society and appeared in its Images of America book on Lorain.)

At far left is the Italia Meat Market. It first appeared in the Lorain City Directory in 1966, sharing the 1162 Broadway address for that first year only with Allemeier Business Machines.

The men behind the meat market in the early listings were John A. Grego, Carmello Consolo and Jimmie Santaloucia. Near the end of the line only Consolo would be listed.

Italia Meat Market continued to appear in the city directory listings until 1983, when, like the Golden Dragon, it disappeared along with the rest of the block.


jack said...

which one of these buildings would become Louis Cohen clothing store

-Alan D Hopewell said...

I shopped at Italia from late '76 until fall of '79; we lived on 12th Street, just west of Reid. They had the best meats, especially imported salami, kielbasi, and the like.

Dan Brady said...

I believe Louis Cohn was further south on Broadway at 13th Street.