Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Broadway Underpass gets underway...

Several times last year I featured some photos on this blog that were listed on Ebay for a while by a gentleman named Andy from Lorain, whose Ebay moniker is sonnylake. Andy had acquired a collection of Lorain photos taken by someone who realized that it was important to document photographically the big changes going on around Lorain in the mid-to-late1980's.

Here's a few more of those photos from Ebay that relate to my recent blog discussions. They both date from Spring 1988.

This one (below) shows Broadway getting torn up for the underpass across the railroad tracks from the Golden Dragon's former location. The view is looking north.

And here's another one showing the road directly in front of the Golden Dragon.

I feel like I must have slept like Rip Van Winkle through this part of Lorain history. I was living in Sheffield Lake by then, and have no recollection of even watching this unfold.

By the way, Andy has a lot of vintage travel and photography memorabilia for sale on Ebay right now. Click here if you're interested!

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