Thursday, April 26, 2012

1949 Baetz Dairy Ad

This 1949 ad for the Baetz Dairy Bar caught my eye, because it shows the building in its earliest form, before it was modified, and before the Lorain Arena was built behind it. I still think it's a handsome building.

I like the combination of photography and illustration in the ad. Is that Pippi Longstocking with her back to us?

Realtor and blog chum Bill Latrany is still working hard to find a new owner for the building above and the whole former Kerr Beverage complex. It's come down in price a bit since it was first listed. With the economy improving somewhat, hopefully some business will realize its great location and snap it up soon.

The building as it looks today
As long as I'm on the subject, I might as well post this article by Tom McPheeters from the September 3, 1968 Lorain Journal. (Click on it if you are interested in reading it.) It's another piece of the puzzle about the good fight that some local roller skaters put up to try and keep the Lorain Arena from closing and being rezoned for light industry.

Of course, as this article explained, the zone change did occur, bringing a temporary end to roller skating in Lorain until Skate World opened.


Anonymous said...

I have an old milk bottle from Baetz's that I display in my kitchen!

Rock Robbster said...

Just found one while walking in the woods the other day. That is how I wound up here. Thanks again for the informative website. Do you have any info on the dairy itself?