Thursday, September 22, 2011

Remember this book?

The human mind is a strange thing. (Mine is, that's for sure.)

How else can we explain why we remember things from long ago, but forget what we did last week?

A good example is the book shown above: On Cherry Street. It was one in a series of books called the Ginn Basic Readers that were used to teach reading to elementary school kids. The books all had similarly designed covers in different color schemes (depending on the grade level), with realistic illustrations of children. This particular edition was copyrighted 1964.

More than 40 years later, I still remembered the title of this specific book. Why? I guess because it made Cherry Street seem like a great place to be a kid. After all, it had its own resident organ grinder and monkey!

Anyway, please stop back here tomorrow when I crack open the battered cover of this memorable tome and we take a trip back in time – and return to Cherry Street!


Dorene from Ohio said...

I remember it well!!

Anonymous said...

-Alan remembers it, as well; I think this was Tom, Betty, and Susan, and Flip, their dog.

Dan Brady said...

Wow, Alan--I'm impressed! You got all the names right, right down to the dog!

Mark said...

Wow...I remember those. They did paint a myopic picture of the world, but they were great "readers." In first grade (in the old Birmingham Elementary school), we would get into groups and take turns reading each page. Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the stash house on 8th and Broadway?
I think that was the name of the building that is Swiss American jewelers?

Anonymous said...

What could you find on Irving jr. High school .
Please post some history on this school. Thank you