Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember This Admiral Ernest J. King Portrait?

This great portrait of Admiral Ernest J. King should look familiar to anyone who attended Admiral King High School (like me). I believe it hung on the wall near the entrance to the auditorium, if my memory is correct. Either that or it was in that same hallway.

For me, this painting WAS Admiral Ernest J. King. Seeing it everyday (along with the sculptured bust of him) created an awareness of the man, and his importance, that was impossible to forget.

Well, over at the Buster's House website, Lisa is asking for help in identifying the mystery artist. The painting is apparently headed over to the new Admiral King elementary school, which opens later this year.

The painting appears to be based on this photo.

While the painting is very well done, I suspect that it was done by a student because of its simple, unpretentious style – plus it would have been the ideal opportunity for an Admiral King High School art student.

My only other guess is that it might have been done by the late local artist and big band saxophonist Frank Katrick, who did countless portraits for local sports figures for the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame as well as other civic figures. Frank's style was similar to this, although I'm not sure if he worked much in paint.

Whoever the artist is, he or she should be very proud for creating something that students could be (and will be) inspired by everyday. Plus I like the painting much more than the reference photo!

Hopefully we'll have the artist's name sooner or later!

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Lisa said...

Dan ~ Thank you so much for this post and the link! I'm sure you get more AK alums over here than I do at the House :)
Awesome find on the photo, too!
Thanks for your help!