Monday, March 28, 2011

Paul Attie, R.I.P.

Lorain has lost another local icon. Paul Attie, owner of the well-known Paul's Auto Body in Lorain passed away early Sunday morning. It's especially sad to me, because he was my father-in-law for the last 21 years.

Some people dread going to their in-laws. Not me – I was fortunate enough to have great in-laws who are are fun to be around. Even just sitting around watching Cops or golf on TV with Paul was enjoyable.

Paul's upbeat and easygoing demeanor made him one of those people that everybody liked. He seemed to know just about everyone in Lorain.

Years ago, I was surprised to find out that he knew Alex Visci, my old trumpet teacher. Every so often, Paul would ask me, "Hey, have you seen Bigack lately?" ('Bigack' was Mr. Visci's all-purpose nickname for everyone, and apparently it was used for him as well.) It turns out that over the years, Paul had fixed up or replated many of Mr. Visci's students' tarnished trumpets and mouthpieces – including those of my brothers and me.

Paul was truly a man's man: fun to drink with, a terrific golfer and a guy who liked any kind of cool gadget. He enjoyed yard work, and was very proud of his well-maintained property. He loved to take visitors for a ride in his golf cart for a tour of his yard and garden.

In the last few years, Paul had been sick, but he only complained about it a little when we got together. He handled it so well that you forgot about the severity of his illness. That's why it's so strange to know that he's gone.

Paul was a good guy, and I'll miss him.


Bob Kovach said...

I am lucky to have wonderful in-laws also Dan,so I am very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

I will forever miss you. Love you Uncle Paul rest in peace. Love Dani