Friday, December 10, 2010

Get 'Reddy' for Christmas – Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned this booklet featuring Reddy Kilowatt and offered up some of its helpful safety tips. Well, today I'm serving up some of the recipes!

Click on each recipe for a super-sized readable version. And remember, they're from 1965 – so they're probably not so healthy, but very delicious!

Here's the recipes for Blueberry Nut Bread, Cranberry Citrus Loaf, Welsh Cakes, Swiss Treats and Quick Christmas Cookies.

Here's some more: Pecan Mounds, Mincemeat Cookies, Medallion Sugar Cookies, Butterscotch Almond Cookies, Corn Flake Cream Bars (just might have to try that one), Baby Orange Babas, and Orange Fruit Cake.

And here's a final batch with some really unusual names: Choco-Date Cake, Choffee Pie, Vanilla Nut Fudge, Williamsburg Pecan ConfectionsEisenhower (?) Fudge, and Creamy Fudge.

Hey, I almost forgot – here's the menu for a complete meal, featuring Chicken Loaf with Olive Sauce!

There's nothing like a loaf of chicken to make your holidays merry!

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Ken said...

I do find the chicken loaf with olive sauce strangely intriguing. I like the fact that in 1965 they take it for granted that a little lady already knows how to make a white sauce. Not in the 21st Century!