Friday, December 17, 2010

1963 Lorain Creamery Christmas Ad

Here's a newspaper ad from December 1963 for another Lorain icon, Lorain Creamery.

You might remember that back in July 2009 (starting here), I did a series of blogs on Lorain Creamery. It's still sad to go south over the railroad tracks on Oberlin Avenue and see used cars where happy ice cream-eating families used to be.

It's kind of interesting that the ad reflects how times have changed. While growing up, egg nog was an integral part of both Thanksgiving and Christmas in our house. We even had special glasses for the occasion.  Nowadays, I buy it out of tradition, stick it in the fridge – and then find that I'm the only one who'll drink it. Wife and guests and run away when I pull out the gaily decorated carton.

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-Alan D Hopewell said...

I hear a kid, it was a treat to have a cup of egg nog with the Grone Folx. Also, Lorain Creamery made the best chocolate marshmallow ice ceram I've ever had, AND they delivered it to your door!