Sunday, December 12, 2010

1953 First Federal Savings Christmas Club Ad

I haven't shown any vintage ads in a while, so here's one to put you in the Christmas spirit. It's a 1953 ad for First Federal Savings of Lorain, promoting their Christmas Club program. (Click on the ad for a closer look.) 

I really like the ad, because it hearkens back to a simpler age.

I've had a Christmas Club at First Federal Savings since the 1980's. I like the fact that they still have the old-time savings books that get inserted into a machine to be updated, instead of making the customer do it themselves with their own sloppy scrawl.

I still have many of the free gifts given out each year with the opening of the account. The oldest ones from the 1980's were kind of generic Christmas items (such as a candle holder), but during the last few decades the items always have a First Federal logo on them. The gifts can be just about anything: a cooking timer, a desk clock, a pie plate, or even a cutting board (this year).

At Thanksgiving this year, I pulled out my trusty First Federal Savings pie server to cut the pumpkin pie, and we set our beers on First Federal Savings coasters.

Now that's loyalty.

I still think Christmas Clubs are a great idea, although in recent years I must confess that sometimes I used the cashed check for something else (like a utility bill).

I also confess that I'm a little bit behind on next year's Christmas Club (about 4 weeks). Since I cashed this year's check and still have all the loot in an envelope for shopping, would it be so bad if I used some of this year's cash for next year?

Maybe I should just deposit the whole stash and save myself a weekly trip to the bank!

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