Monday, November 15, 2010

Talkin' Turkey in the Black Swamp Trader & Firelands Gazette

I was out at the Vermilion Farm Market this past weekend and noticed that there's still a short stack of free copies of the November issue of the Black Swamp Trader & Firelands Gazette. In it, I have my latest article entitled The Wild Turkey: Fine Feathered Friend to Ohio's Pioneers. It traces the history of the bird in Ohio, and includes some interesting anecdotes by some Ohio pioneers about trapping and encountering wild turkeys.

In the article, I tell the story of how one pioneer watched the feathers fly when three hundred of the gobblers brawled right in front of him! (Hope he invited some of the losers to dinner!)

Anyway, if you're interested –  head out to the Vermilion Farm Market on US 6 soon and grab your copy! Or better yet, subscribe and you won't miss an issue! (My editor loves it when I say that!)

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