Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you were heading down the aisle of your favorite Lorain County Food Fair back in November 1967, these are some of the Thanksgiving bargains that you'd find! (Give it a click so you can read it!)

I think it's interesting that the newspaper ad states that "Your Food Fair Store will have a large variety of selected FRESH POULTRY for your Thanksgiving... CAPONS, ROASTING CHICKENS, GEESE, DUCKS, and TOM or HEN TURKEYS..."

For years my mom fixed two birds for our family: a duck and a capon – rarely a turkey. When I mention this to people now, they inevitably ask, "What's a capon?" If you don't know, click here.


For those of you who like to go out on Thanksgiving, back in 1955 you could saddle up and head to the Saddle Inn on Lake Road in Avon Lake for a great dinner!

Since I'm a Sheffield Laker, back in 1955 I probably would have headed over to Vian's Barbecue for my Thanksgiving feast! It would have been only a mile from where I live now.

And of course after a delicious dinner either at home or at a fine restaurant, what could be better in 1955 than going dancing on Thanksgiving – especially to the music of Lorain's future Mayor Joe Zahorec?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ken said...

Say what you want about whether he was a good mayor or not--- he was a pretty good accordion player.

Drew Penfield said...

Bringing up your previous post about the locations of the Food Fair stores, I notice this flyer lists the Amherst Food Fair at Rt 58 and Middle Ridge. I never knew that was a Food Fair, but I knew it well as Harold's Sparkle Market. My sister and I both worked our first jobs there. It closed some years ago and became a used car lot, which I think is itself now closed.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Thanks, Dan! The Food Fair ad is now part of a thread at my favorite website, "THE GOOD PEOPLE", entitled , "HOLIDAY DINNER, 1967". We're a discussion / goofing around site, spawned from a retrosite that embraced the darkside.

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