Sunday, September 19, 2010

This and That

I found this ad photo of the iconic Sherwood Inn sign while (what else?) looking for something else on newspaper microfilm. It's from June 1969. (Give it a click for a closer look.)

I still can't remember if I ever went in there when it was the Sherwood Inn, but that really doesn't matter. Nowadays, my wife and I spend a lot of time in there on Saturday nights enjoying the Mutt & Jeff's atmosphere. Our favorite waitress Brenda always takes good care of us, and the food is really fantastic. The burgers are great too. 

We never stay for the bands, because that just isn't our thing – we like to eat and run. But if enjoying some great local bands appeals to you, Mutt & Jeff's has an all-day end-of-summer event calling Mutt-Fest coming up next on Sunday, September 26 featuring a lot of local bands and the delicious great food. The event is a benefit for the American Cancer Society.

Here's a link to the Mutt & Jeff's Facebook page.

Mutt & Jeff's/Sherwood Inn/Airport Tavern is rapidly becoming one of my favorite topics on this blog, as it was the subject of my very first post back here, and some follow-up posts here and here.

Loyal reader of this blog (and fellow Admiral King High School alumni) Jeff Rash left a comment last week about my 'virtual trip' on the sidewalk over to the former Charleston Elementary School (which I posted here). He remembered a 'very small creek' on the west side of the sidewalk and noticed that I did not include a photo of it.

I felt a little guilty that I had rushed through that part of the tour, so I went back with the camera to see what Jeff was talking about. Sure enough, there was a small ditch leading to a storm sewer right where he remembered it. It was dry that day, but I am guessing that this is what he remembered.

Here are the photos of that missing portion of the tour, which starts right at W. 28th Street. (Click on each for a larger view.)

Looking back towards 28th Street you can see the sewer grate.

Thanks, Jeff for pointing that out!


My blog entry about Johnny Appleseed in Lorain County has caused me to think more about apples, and I've been plowing through the bag of Honeycrisps I bought last week at Shipula's. 
So Saturday morning I headed out on Route 113 to another favorite roadside stand, the Grobe Fruit Farm to get even more apples and a few bottles of apple cider.
Grobe Fruit Farm is also where I've been getting my pumpkins for about the last twenty years.
Here's a link to their page on the Ohio Apple Association website.

Lastly, I was driving over the Bascule Bridge today and looked over at the harbor and saw some of the first local Autumn color. So, of course, I had to capture it photographically for all you homesick Lorainites living in western states!


Ken said...

That would be me, thanks for the nice wallpaper. No fall colors here yet, it is still Summer here in Texas. Our other season, Not Summer, doesn't come until the middle of December some time and lasts for about two weeks. Its not as good as it sounds.

-Alan D Hopewell said...

Quite so; thanks for the shot of the harbor.

Bill said...

I'm a little too young to remember the Sherwood Inn, but after that it was the Trademark for several years and we went there often with my grandma for dinner and a Shirley Temple. I think it may have become Scardi's (Guy Scardami owned it) before Mutt & Jeff's came along in the 80's.

Still gotta find that Airport Tavern recipe...