Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oberlin Avenue Mystery Business Revealed!

Last week I asked if anyone (besides me) remembered the business that in 1972 was in the spot right between Yala's Pizza and Dom & Luigi's Barber Shop. Since I know the suspense (or the boredom, as the case may be) is killing you, I'll tell you. It was Gene's Hobby Hub.
Gene's Hobby Hub was your basic old-time hobby shop. It was an interesting place for kids to poke around, full of toys, models, paint, etc. I remember going in there a few times, with a boyhood chum who was into rockets.
At right is the Lorain City Directory listing for the "Willow Shopping Center" area on the west side of the street. Remember all those other great Lorain businesses?
Despite being located between two popular businesses, Gene's Hobby Hub didn't last very long. In fact, nothing at that particular location at 3350 Oberlin Avenue lasted very long. In 1966 the spot was occupied by Judi's Wig Center. Then from 1967 - 1970: nothing. In 1971 the Lorain Dental Laboratory was in there, followed by Gene's Hobby Hub in 1972. Gene's Hobby Hub has the distinction of being the last business in there until Yala's Pizza took over the space around 1986.
A gentleman named Gene Patrick ran Gene's Hobby Hub. Next week I'll tell you a little more about Mr. Patrick and his other high-profile occupation, which provided him a weekly forum for his talents. How's that for a smooth transition of blog topics?

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wasn't he an artist or cartoonist????

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