Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brady's Restaurant Part 3

Around 1970, catering was introduced as part of the business. This new enterprise took its name from the popular "chuckwagon" fried chicken that had been on the Brady's Restaurant menu since the early 1960's.
The catering business was called Brady's Chuckwagon Catering, and shortly after the restaurant became known as Brady's Chuckwagon Chicken House.
A 1973 ad is shown above.
Around the mid-1970's, things began to wind down. By 1975, only the catering business was still being advertised in the phone book. And by the time the 1978-79 phone book came out, neither the catering business or the restaurant was still listed.
For a little while in the early 80's, the restaurant made an apparent comeback as Brady's Coffee Shoppe. But that didn't last long.
Since then, John Brady has kept the spirit of Brady's Restaurant alive with his Brady's Good Food trailer, which in past years has been set up in different locations around Lorain as a seasonal enterprise. Painted bright orange and rimmed with lights, the trailer is a beacon for hungry Lorainites looking for – what else? – good food.
I didn't see Mr. Brady (who is a nice guy) out with his trailer this past summer, and I'm sure that I'm not the only person who missed his excellent corn dogs! But here's hoping he and his family are doing well and that we haven't seen the last of his restaurant on wheels. It's a real Lorain landmark!

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Ken said...

I remember stopping by there when we were kids for ice cream, and getting a milkshake in a tall glass and the big tin cup so you could have seconds! Pretty hard to believe Brady's was a 24 hour restaurant back then. Corner of Leavitt and 21st! What a shame the area is so blighted now. Used to be a nice shopping center, and O'Hara's was a decent little place. Wha' happened?