Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brady's Restaurant Part 2

By 1958, Chester L. Brady had passed away and John L. Brady was manager of Brady's Restaurant. A 1958 Lorain telephone book ad (above) listed several innovations, including outside drive-in electronic car service, as well as delivery anywhere in Lorain. (The ad also indicated that Brady's Restaurant was the Home of Pizza Puppies; I don't know what Pizza Puppies are, but if I ever find out, I'll let you know!)

Also seen in the 1958 ad is the restaurant's distinctive logo lettering.
Going into the 1960's, the business was still evolving. In 1965, it was listed in the City Directory as Brady's Restaurant & Dairyland, and in 1967 it was joined by Brady's Dairyland & Donut Shop on W. 21st Street nearby.
Whatever the restaurant was called in the mid-1960's, I remember that my family stopped there at least a few times, for ice cream or a snack. I'm sure we enjoyed the novelty of eating at a restaurant 'named after us'!

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