Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Mabel! Black Label, eh?

A few weeks ago I happened to blog about an old Carling's Black Label advertisement and I got to wondering: do they still make this beer?

It turns out they do! A great website that I mentioned earlier, included the contact info for a marketing executive at Pabst, who was able to locate a store that carries it a few miles from my work.
Of course, I had to go out and buy some. And that's what the current can looks like (above). Why the Canadian branding? The gentleman with the website explained to me that it is strictly a marketing gimmick to signify that Carling's Black Label originated in Canada.
Maybe Pabst (who owns the U.S. rights) thinks it is more appealing as a "Canadian" brand even though it is made in the U.S. I disagree. I think that it should play more on its Cleveland roots - and for that matter, they should bring back Mabel too!

1 comment:

randy said...

There once was a waitress named Mabel,

She'd come to you at your table,

With a smile and a wink,

She'd ask what'll you drink,

For me it was Carling's Black Label.