Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1968 Cleveland Indians Scorecard Part 4

Here's another ad from the 1968 Cleveland Indians scorecard: an ad for the gone-but-not-forgotten Kon Tiki, a Polynesian restaurant that was located on Public Square as part of the Sheraton Hotel complex. (Click on it for a larger view.)
The Kon Tiki was part of a chain of restaurants founded by Stephen Crane. According to the book The Book of Tiki by Sven A. Kirsten, Crane had opened his restaurant The Luau on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in 1953. Later, the Sheraton corporation enlisted Crane to recreate The Luau in Montreal, where it opened as the Kon Tiki in 1958. Kon-Tiki locations in Portland and Cleveland followed. Other locations with a similar theme (but different name: Ports O' Call) included Chicago and Dallas.
(Above) a Cleveland Kon-Tiki menu and a photograph from the menu showing (from left to right) a South Sea Cooler; a Zombie; and a Taal.

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