Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ohio Edison Ad – March 21, 1964

The last time our old pal Reddy Kilowatt was featured on this blog was around Christmastime, so it’s about time he graced us with his electrifying presence.

Here’s an Ohio Edison ad from the Lorain Journal of March 21, 1964. It not only has Reddy in it (in a rare sideview shot) but also shines the spotlight on a home out in North Ridgeville that had recently converted to electric heat. (That’s what I have too.)

Although the 1964 ad only identified the owners (Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Draper), the internet made it easy to track down the home and ‘drive’ over there via Google Maps to see what the homestead looks like today.

And the house is still out there at 5373 Barton Road and looking great.

I hope the current owners were warm and comfortable there during this past endless winter, which featured temperatures that were much more frigid than usual. I’d hate to think Reddy steered the Drapers wrong.

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