Thursday, February 7, 2019

Trippin' the Light at Middle Ridge – Feb. 1964

Here’s another article about a Middle Ridge Road traffic concern from February long ago.

As the article below (which appears in the Lorain Journal on Feb. 13, 1964) explains, the problem concerned a trip lever installed at Middle Ridge and State Route 58 to make it easier to pull out onto the busy highway.

Although motorists in 2019 are quite familiar with the need to pull their car up far enough to trip a lever to activate the light timer at an intersection equipped with such a device, it was a newfangled technological concept in 1964.

As the article notes, the problem was that drivers were simply not pulling up far enough. Thus, the light would not change, resulting in some motorists taking matters into their own hands and simply driving through the red light.

It’s funny – and entirely serendipitous – that this is the third Middle Ridge Road-related them on this blog in two weeks. Last week, I posted an article about the opening of the Sparkle Market at the very intersection mentioned in this post today.

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