Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Beaver Park Boat Club Building – July 24, 1954

Back on July 24, 1954 – 64 years ago today – the Beaver Park Boat Club was getting ready for its upcoming Regatta. Part of the celebration was the opening of its new clubhouse, as shown in the article above which appeared in the Lorain Journal that day.

Beaver Park has been a favorite topic on this blog.

Anyway, the Boat Club building mentioned in the article can be seen on the vintage postcard below. It is the white, beachfront building on the right .

Today, it is hard to tell if the building that is at that location today is a remodeled and enlarged version of the original Boat Club building, or an entirely new structure.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting post card, I see that the existing golf course, Fox Creek (former Lorain Country Club) does not appear, nor does the Hospital.