Monday, July 2, 2018

Buckeye Beer Ad – July 2, 1956

Keeping the beer theme going for another day, here’s a cute ad for Buckeye Beer that ran in the July 2, 1956 Lorain Journal.

Buckeye Beer? I’d never heard of it before; it would have been a natural for pre-game festivities back when I was at Ohio State in the late 70s. But the brand had ceased to exist around 1974.

Happily, though, the brand made a comeback in the mid-1990s thanks to the Maumee Bay Brewing Company. (Click here to read a great article about the beer’s history and comeback on the website.)

Anyway, I love the illustration of the smiling sun and wholesome young couple.

1 comment:

DH said...

Not so sure of wholesomeness of Mr. Sunshine, there, Dan.

Is that a smile? Likely a lascivious leer at the long legs of the lass!

I leave it to you to decide...