Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Old Dutch Beer Ad – Nov. 16, 1966

Lorain Journal ad from November 16, 1966
Well, it’s November 16 – my father’s birthday (it would have been his 95th) – so it’s a good time to post this ad for his favorite beer, Old Dutch.

The ad ran in the Journal appropriately enough on November 16, 1966, 50 years ago today. It explains how the current owner of the beer brand had decided to go back to the original label design (shown at right).

You might remember that one of my past blog posts dealt with how International Breweries of Detroit had changed the classic Old Dutch label, logo and even the tagline when it bought the brand (see below).

April 1965 ad from the Lorain Journal
Fortunately the beer brand's beloved label and heritage was restored, as indicated in the November 1966 ad.

Old Dutch beer has been a favorite topic on this blog. My 2012 post entitled “Memories of Old Dutch Beer" has generated a lot of wonderful comments from other fans of “the Good Beer,” and even a brewery employee.

Old Dutch was my parents’ beer of choice from the 1960s right up into the 1970s and early 80s. They even used to send me back to Ohio State with a six-pack of “the Good Beer,” so I’d have a little bit of home right there in my dormitory mini-fridge. (As I mentioned before on a previous post, my wise-guy roommate Steve used to call it “Old Ditch.”)

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