Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lawson's Dutch Loaf Ad – Nov. 16, 1966

On the same day yesterday's Old Dutch beer ad ran in the Lorain Journal back in November 1966, elsewhere in that same edition was this nearly full-page ad for Lawson's, featuring its popular Dutch Loaf.

What in tunket is Dutch Loaf anyway?

Well, according to this Wikipedia entry, it's a lunch meat made from "coarse-ground lean pork and beef mixed and or coated with spices, formed into a loaf shape and then smoked over a hardwood fire."

Apparently it's not really consumed in the land of windmills, wooden shoes and leaky dikes; it's really more of a Pennsylvania Dutch thing.

Although my brother Ken was fond of Dutch Loaf, I wasn't a fan of the stuff as a kid. I'm sure I reached instead for the salami or baloney (or bologna if you prefer) to put between my slices of DeLuca Bakery white bread.

But now as I approach curmudgeon-hood, Dutch Loaf actually sounds pretty good. After all, meat shaped into a loaf is one of my favorite meals.

Alas, I'm a few decades late if I want to wash it down with an Old Dutch though.

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Kenneth Brady said...

Loved that dutch loaf! My fav-o-rite loaf of all loaves! Never been able to find anything to compare.