Monday, November 7, 2016

General Quincy A. Gillmore Ohio Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony

Saturday morning could not have been more beautiful down at Lakeview Park for the dedication of the Ohio Historical Marker for Lorain’s own General Quincy A. Gillmore.

Despite the seeming lack of local newspaper coverage, the long-awaited event was well-attended.

Matt Weisman
While I knew that the Quincy Gillmore Civil War Round Table (QGCWRT) was one of the backers of the marker, I did not know that local historian and author Matt Weisman was the driving force.

As explained in the current issue of the Swamp Angel, the newsletter of the QGCWRT, “We owe this wonderful accomplishment to the hard work of QGCWRT member and Gillmore historian Matt Weisman. Without his perseverance this commemoration would not have been possible and very likely never even considered.”

Lorain owes Matt a huge debt of gratitude.

The ceremony was quite wonderful. It included Civil War reenactors provided by James A. Garfield Sons of Union Veterans Post #142; period music by Cpl. Timothy Krugman, Musician of the 30th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Taps and Reveille played by Jim Cherven, Bugler for the 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery H, Toledo, Ohio. Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer gave a short, eloquent speech.

All in all, it was a great ceremony. Here are a few of the sights.

Before the unveiling
Timothy Krugman


Anonymous said...

Dan - did you ever read the saga of the Gen. Gillmore portrait on That Woman's Weblog? I was sort of surprised not to see any mention of that in this regard.
Don Wozniak

Dan Brady said...

Hi Don!
I went back and reread that saga to refresh my memory. It was an unfortunate situation that at least had a happy ending of sorts.

Loraine Ritchey said...

Well it is what it was- surprised at the lack of foresight and possible lack of knowledge by the individual who turned down the portrait twice at the Lorain Historical Society - but having said that it did lead me on to a 12 part series on the Gillmores that probably would not have happened and the Lorain County Historical Society has acquired artifacts from Peggy's(Gillmore) legacy . I am glad General Gillmore finally has his due and correct dates at Lakeview I know Peggy would have been thrilled. . I believe the original home was where the Easter basket now sits, but that is not written in stone just from conversations with those who should know. It is a shame Lorain doesn't embrace her colorful history . Matt Wiseman and Renee Dore are doing a wonderful job bringing the Captains to life and their stories and adding to the "historical education" so maybe the next time nothing will be turned away sight unseen.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Loraine!
Thanks for weighing in and making a good point. Everyone should revisit your interesting 12-part series on General Gillmore:

It's a shame that the marker didn't occur until after Peggy Gillmore's passing.

As for Lorain, hopefully the whole local history community (individual historians, buffs and groups) can unite eventually, so more that people, places, things and events can be honored and/or preserved before it is too late.

Loraine Ritchey said...

would be nice but we are losing Lorain's tangible history , the homes, the people of "memories" and there are always agendas..... as with everything..... feeling very despondent at the moment I hear all the rhetoric, document when I can, but I am sad for this Lorain's oldest neighborhood..Oh well here is hoping.... if you go to this link it will give you the whole of the Gillmore series, they certainly were important to this city, the state and the nation from growing the first cultivated potatoes in the New World, raising the flag, founding a fledgling Air Force and so much more

Dan Brady said...

Thanks for the correct link to the entire Gillmore series, Loraine!