Friday, October 28, 2016

Old Log Cabin Whiskey Ad – October 24, 1949

From Whiskeyville to whiskey…

One thing that I’ve noticed when scanning countless rolls of newspaper microfilm at the library is the preponderance of national liquor ads in the Lorain Journal in the 40s and 50s. I’m sure the Journal enjoyed the advertising sales.

I don’t know if people drank more at home back then or not. Maybe it’s high time I had a highball when I get home from work.

The ad above, which ran in the paper on October 24, 1949, is for a bourbon whiskey brand that I’d never heard of before: Old Log Cabin. It features a cute little squirrel.

Hey, there was a squirrel ad in this nutty campaign for PM Blended Whiskey that same year (which I wrote about here).

Anyway, I couldn’t find another Old Log Cabin whiskey ad online, making the Journal one a rarity. I did find some for Old Crow, Old Stagg, Old Quaker, Old Taylor, Old Cabin Still and Old Fitzgerald, though.
While I couldn’t find any old ads, I noticed that there are plenty of empty Old Log Cabin bottles for sale. Amazingly, the Old Log Cabin brand is still around today (but without any animal mascots). You can visit its website here.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I remember seeing Old Log Cabin, but never drank any of it.
Yes, now a days you are better off staying at home to drink, not so muck of the fines, but the sports bars as so noisy, you can't hear the person next to you.
When the game isn't on, they blast the Juke Box!

Gone are the days of having a relaxing drink at the local!