Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kmart Ad – October 3, 1966

It was 50 years ago this month that the above ad for Kmart, “America’s Fastest Growing Discount Department Store” ran in the Lorain Journal on October 3, 1966.

And here's the full-page ad that ran in the Journal on November 3 to promote the upcoming opening on November 10th.

Back then, there was only the Kmart on Fairless Drive in South Lorain. (It was actually the first Kmart in Ohio, according to an article in the December 31, 1966 Chronicle-Telegram.) Later, there would be the store in the Amherst shopping center, and still later the Super Kmart on Leavitt Road.

The Kmart name was first rolled out in 1962.

Of course, there had long been the predecessor Kresge stores in the Lorain area. Here's a 1954 view of the Downtown Lorain store.

And here are a few Lorain Kresge ads for old time's sake.
October 1958 ad from Lorain Journal
June 1, 1960 ad from Lorain Journal
October 1966 ad from Lorain Journal
Sadly, the Super Kmart on Leavitt Road – my mother’s favorite store – is finally closed for good, bringing an end to decades of a shopping tradition in Lorain County.

If you’re a fan of Kmart, the nearest one now is in Cleveland, located at 14901 Lorain Road.

Surprisingly, the chain is still the third largest big box chain in the United States, behind Walmart and Target (the two local competitors to the Leavitt Road store).

The closed Lorain store this past weekend
(Photo taken with a LG Sunset Tracfone)


Kenneth Brady said...

Did the picketers finally give up?

Anonymous said...

This would be a perfect location for a Meijer store. Hopefully it won't sit empty for years, that would be very sad. Maybe even a good spot for the new Veteran's Clinic. I wonder if the RadAir automotive repair center will remain?

Dan Brady said...

Those are some excellent suggestions. I think a Marc’s would also be a great fit for that area, or perhaps an Ollie’s. It’s still a good location for something that can draw from Lorain and Amherst.

Reviewer Jay said...

Meijers is looking to buy the property and open a store.