Friday, October 7, 2016

1976 Admiral King vs Elyria Football Program

Well, it’s Friday, so that means it’s time for high school football – and also a good time to post the cover of an old Admiral King vs Elyria Football program that I saved from my senior year.

It’s from October 8, 1976 – 40 years ago! Hard to believe it’s been that long.

The art on these programs (which were undoubtedly used by many high schools) is quite nice. This painting is signed by Rick MacDonald, yet another unsung artist who probably churned these out regularly.

Inside the program are the usual typeset ads for local companies, but also some distinctive artwork and logos of many businesses and organizations that you might remember.

Here’s an ample sample of these ads.

Today this printing business is known as SCP Printer Center
and has been run by Alan and Debbie McCartney since 2001

Type in ‘Kucirek’ in my blog’s search box and it will bring up
quite a few posts about the Kucirek family’s businesses.

It’s our old pal Forest City Max again, a reccurring topic on this blog!

I took this bus to work in Cleveland a few times when I lived
at the Lorain Overlook. It went right by the apartment on Route 6.

My family never really bought into the name "Kenny King’s."
It was always, “How about some Colonel Sanders tonight?"

I always think of a circus when I see this logo.

My parents bought a lot of Cutlasses from Milad’s.

As you can see, Edwards has one of those repurposed Canada Dry signs that I wrote about here.


Rick Kurish said...

Your mention of the art on the football program being created by Rick MacDonald brought to mind Richard MacDonald, who is one of the most famous living American Sculptors. Although Richard MacDonald is not an unusual name, it caused me to look the sculptor up on line. According to Wikipedia, Richard, who was born in 1946 worked as a commercial artist until his late 30s, when he decided to concentrate on sculpture. Who knows if Rick MacDonald and Richard MacDonald are the same person, but it's possible the program art was created during the sculptors commercial artist days.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks for mentioning Richard MacDonald the sculptor – I was wondering if he was the commercial artist as well. Maybe there is an online signature that can be compared to the one on the painting!