Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Plank Road Revisited – Part 1

Back in March of 2012, I did a post about the memorial tablet located in the small green space between Broadway and Elyria Avenue at the Devil’s Elbow (right across from the Journal). The tablet honors the old plank road that was built between Lorain and Elyria back in the 1800s, as well as the tollgate that stood at the entrance.

My original post featured the content of an article (at left) that was published in the Lorain Journal & Times Herald on July 18, 1934. (You can read a transcribed version of it here on the original post.)

Well, in July of this year I received a very interesting email from a Mr. T. Derby concerning some inaccuracies in that article, as well as on the monument tablet itself.

You see, Mr. Derby is a historical records researcher. He really cares about local history, and wants to make sure it’s recorded correctly.

He's not afraid to challenge long-held beliefs, and fearlessly pokes holes in the most sacred of local legends using facts gleaned from meticulous research. Sometimes, taking on what has been long accepted as the truth can be a challenge – but in the end, his research results in historical wrongs being made right.

Tomorrow, Mr. Derby and I will bust up some myths about the timeline of the plank road – plank by plank!


Wireless.Phil said...

I'll be back to read it, but I'm wondering about the side story, the woman chained to the bed and the other falling out the window?

Dan Ketcham said...

Please update .. its not yet the "former home of the Journal"
The Morning Journal still employs local people at their offices there at 1657 Broadway.

Dan Brady said...

Thanks, for the update – will do.

Dan Brady said...

Just called the Morning Journal, I understand that you can still walk in and make a payment there in the Broadway office.