Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lorain Junior High Schools Benefit Football Game – Sept. 27, 1946

Ad from the Wednesday, September 25, 1946 Lorain Journal
It was 70 years ago today that a special football game was played in Lorain. Lorain’s four junior high schools at that time – Longfellow, Whittier, Irving and Hawthorne – competed in the Junior High School Medical Fund Benefit football game.

The ad above appeared a few days before the game in the Sept. 25, 1946 Lorain Journal.

It was an intriguing idea designed to encourage community involvement for a good cause. Longfellow took on Whittier in the first quarter, and Irving battled Hawthorne in the second quarter. The losers of these two match ups competed in the third quarter, and the winners met on the gridiron in the four quarter.

Lorain High School’s marching band entertained at halftime.

The ad that appeared the day of the game made me chuckle. Unlike the first ad that depicted a fresh-faced young player, this one featured a more mature player with a five o’clock shadow to rival Fred Flintstone’s.
Seventy years later, a lot has changed in the Lorain school system.
Lorain is back to one high school again. There are no longer junior high schools. The Whittier and Irving names are no more. Hawthorne is now an elementary school (K-5) and Longfellow is a middle school (6-8).

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