Monday, September 5, 2016

Holy Hijacking! Batmobile Disappears On Way to Midway Mall – 1967

Courtesy Cleveland Air Show
Well, it’s Labor Day – and for many people that means a trip to the Cleveland National Air Show. I noticed that this year, the Batcopter and the Batmobile (above) from the Batman TV series will be on display inside the air show grounds.

That reminded me that I had this article written by Lorain Journal Staff Writer Owen DeWolfe that appeared on the front page of the paper on June 24, 1967. It tells about how the Batmobile and Batcycle disappeared en route to Midway Mall’s sports car show.

I’m sure there was a logical explanation, but it made for a little bit of fun.

To learn more about the original Batmobile used in the TV series, be sure to visit It’s a terrific website featuring a comprehensive history of the vehicle, including the man behind its construction and a great gallery of vintage and new photos.

And if you like, you can revisit my post about Batman from last year here.


Dennis Thompson said...

That's one of the car shows put on by the Erie Shores Sports Cars Club. Our first show was in the Oneil's shopping center. We also had sports car racing at Midway Mall where the Sears store is now, The autocross was held on Sunday as the stores were closed back then due to the Blue laws.

Unabashed said...

The so-called "replica" that arrived was nothing like the actual batmobile. I recall going up to the Mall and coming away disappointed. I eventually caught up with the Batmobile in Carson City, NV in 2015.