Monday, September 12, 2016

Economy Sales Company – Part 1

Here’s a company logo and top-hatted mascot that should look familiar to many older Lorainites. It’s for Economy Sales, the “Discount House of Distinction.” What a great store!

The logo above is from an ad that appeared in the Lorain Journal in August 1966. As you can see, by that time the chain consisted of five stores. But the very first store was in Cleveland.

Here's a closer look at our favorite monocled mascot.
The Cleveland Economy Sales store was located at 1257 West Third Street.

The company apparently was around as early as the 1940s. A classified ad in the Sandusky Register of May 15, 1941 read, “WANTED – Women connected with fraternal organizations, lodges, churches, etc. to organize merchandise clubs. An easy ways to make money in your spare time. Write to the Economy Sales Co., 1257 West 3rd St., Cleveland, Ohio."

It was later joined by a branch store in Lorain, originally located at 1901 E. 28th Street.

Strangely enough, 1901 E. 28th Street (shown below) was also the location of the former Lorain Street Railway car barns.

1901 E. 28th Street today
Car Barns at South Lorain
The Lorain Economy Sales store on E. 28th Street first appeared in the Lorain Telephone Company directory in the November 1959 edition. 
Here’s the cover of a 1959 Economy Sales catalog featuring a listing of the two original locations. We’ll peek inside tomorrow.

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