Thursday, August 18, 2016

Peck’s Cottages – Part 4

I had real difficulty getting a nice “now” shot of the above postcard showing the Peck store with the cottages in the background. The weather comically conspired to make my task difficult each time I drove out towards Vermilion to get my photo.

Even though it was sunny in Sheffield Lake, by the time I got to the former Peck’s, it was either raining or overcast. This happened twice.

On another attempt, the weather was again crummy when I arrived. So I kept on going towards Huron, hoping the weather would change. It did, and got sunny – so I turned around and roared back towards my destination at “ramming speed" – only to find that it was overcast again. Sigh.

Eventually I got this shot (below).

By the way, the large building in the photo is now called “the Cafe.”

Here’s a view of the cottages behind it.
Remember the vintage Peck’s postcard of the pool that I posted yesterday (below)?

Although it’s just a memory now, you can still see it near Lake Road in this outdated aerial view. Hey, wha' happened to the trees?
Hope you enjoyed this look back at Peck’s Cottages. 


Anonymous said...

After seeing the Bing Maps photo of Pecks, I was wondering if you will do a piece on the property next door,to the west. Bill N

Dan Brady said...

Hi Bill,
Thanks for posting that link! I had forgotten that the Waterwood Estate (the well-known mansion of the man who invented the drop ceiling) was right next door to Peck's Cottages.