Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Peck’s Cottages – Part 3

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It’s impossible not to feel the pangs of nostalgia when looking at vintage postcards of Peck’s Cottages.

The postcards reveal a different era, when many families headed to the shores of Lake Erie for their annual week at a cottage. There, they enjoyed the cooling lake breezes while they played, swam, sunbathed and relaxed.

The resort amenities listed on the backs of the cards above include: a heated swimming pool, restaurant, basketball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, badminton, ping pong and a children’s playground.

Here’s another one, courtesy of the great Post Card Spinner Rack website, where a vintage postcard aficionado has lovingly put his collection on display for all to enjoy.

The back of it reads:
"PECKS TOURIST AND VACATION COURT on Lake Erie is a complete Vacation Center. 38 all modern cottages and cabins, restaurant, shuffleboard, outdoor fireplaces, swimming, horseshoes and joyous loafing. 4 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Ohio Route 2 and U. S. 6. 4 miles west of Vermilion, Ohio.”

A 1964 Cleveland Press photo of the swimming pool at Peck’s Cottages recently appeared on Ebay (below).
Harry J. Peck passed away on August 10, 1967. His obituary in the Sandusky Register stated that he had been a Vermilion resident and former teacher that “formerly owned and operated Peck’s Cottages, five miles west of here, for 14 years.”

His wife, Freda Peck, passed away in 2003.

Lloyd Moats, the original owner of the cottage property when it was one of his many tourist camps, passed away in September 1977. His obituary in the Lorain Journal noted, “Born April 7, 1889 in Berlin Heights, he had been a fruit grower in his early years and later owned and operated five motels on West Lake Road.”

Through several changes in ownership, Peck’s Cottages managed to hang on to around 2000. The cottage listing disappeared from the Lorain phone book in 2001; a listing for Peck’s General Store – with the same address as the cottages – last appeared in the 2002 book.

Today, the former Peck’s Cottages is part of the Beulah Beach Camp & Retreat Center.

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Anonymous said...

I always feel at 50, those my age caught the tail end of "simpler" times. We quickly entered the times of bigger, faster, and more. Lost were stories of "what" you did on vacation, replaced by where you went(and how much spent). With words lately entering the vocabulary like "staycation", I see the humble knotty pine cottages making somewhat of a comeback.(As long as Wi-Fi is available, lol)

Dan Brady said...

I think you're right! A lot of those cottage resorts (Lakeland Lodges, Mari-Dor, etc.) are still out there on West Lake Road and doing a good business, so the concept is still alive.