Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Peck’s Cottages – Part 2

So when did one of Lloyd Moats' cottage camps become Peck’s Cottages? For that, I had to do a little digging.

An April 19, 1947 article in the Sandusky Register noted that Harry J. Peck was the man associated with Moats’ Camp No. 2. The article pointed out that Peck had recently been named president of the recently organized Lake Erie Playground Association. Other member businesses mentioned in the article included Lake View Cabins, Cask Villa, Colonial Villa, Wild Waves and Hartley’s Beach. The article stated, “The group intends to prepare circulars for distribution of the various vacation resorts in the area through information bureaus in Huron and Vermilion."

The Tourist & Trailer Camps listings in the Lorain Telephone Company directory eventually revealed when the changeover from Moat’s to Peck’s took place.

The October 1947 edition of the Lorain Telephone Company directory included what would be the last listing for Moat’s Cabins No. 2 (below).

By the time of the 1948 phone directory listing (below), Moat’s Cabins No. 2 would have a new name: Peck’s Tourist & Vacation Court. The phone number remained the same.

The 1950 directory included two listings for Peck’s, one with and one without the reference to Moat’s Cabins No. 2 (below).
It’s interesting seeing all the different cottages, trailer camps and motels listed. There are a few I’ve already covered on the blog (such as Hialeah and Grandview). And one of them is coming up next, right after Peck’s!
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