Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lake Shore Electric Railway Museum on Track in Avon Lake

Since yesterday’s post dealt with the old interurban stop numbers in Avon Lake, it’s a good time to post this. In case you missed it, the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram two weeks ago had a nice article with the story behind a new museum dedicated to the Lake Shore Electric Railway.

The museum is the brainchild of businessman Thomas Patton and archivist and historian Dennis Lamont (a regular contributor to this blog), and is under construction in Avon Lake at the Artstown Shopping Center in a former bowling alley.

(Thomas Patton with Dennis Lamont and Albert Doane previously published the Arcadia book Lake Shore Electric Railway, which was featured in a four-part series on this blog beginning here.)

The Avon Lake museum project undertaken by Patton and Lamont also includes the restoration of a former Lake Shore Electric baggage car (shown in the photos) – Number 38 – that currently sits behind the shopping center near the U. S. Post Office facility.
But how did it get there, and what had it been doing since the Lake Shore Electric Railway went out of business in 1938?
Stop back here tomorrow for the “moving" story of LSE 38!


Bill Marquet said...

Why don't I ever see any reference to Harold Christensen and his book about the history and demise of the Lake Shore Electric...Many,many pictures and it is a first hand account..

Robin Tracy said...

Here I am trying to track down value of antique I recently purchased, from friend of mine's up in your area, former snowbird...if anyone can enlighten me, sure would appreciate such. Short of waiting in line forever at Antiques roadshow tv show line which never comes to my area, anyways; PLUS old late friend, Harold Ames, from Candandaigua, NY not around to help-I have covered vegetable oval bowl or tureen with pretty pattern on it, indeed marked with Lake Shore Electric Railway logo on bottom, along with GORDON, along with RN *registry number)Thanks in advance aas I have googled it awhile, watched ebay, etc and never a mention of c old railroad china from this railway.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Robin,

I'll forward your inquiry to my Lake Shore Electric Railway pals, it sounds like it might be a railroad piece rather than an interurban item. I'll let you know what I find out!