Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Images of Lorain County Fairs Past

I made my annual trip out to Wellington for the Lorain County Fair Monday night. It’s one of my favorite days of the year – pure fun and good eatin'.

So it’s a good time for me to post some vintage images of the Fair before it's over.

First up is this vintage postcard, recently on Ebay, giving us a glimpse of the Fair when it was held in Elyria. It looks almost like a formal affair (no pun intended).

The postcard was postmarked in Elyria on August 29, 1909 and was published by Bins’ Book Store in Elyria. 
(Click here to visit the Lorain County Fair website and read a short history of the Fair.)

And here a few more images that should look a little bit more like the Fair we’re used to. This ad for the Fair ran in the Lorain Journal on August 16, 1956 – 60 years ago.

Some of the attractions at the 1956 Lorain County Fair: Jack Kochman’s Hell Drivers; the Buddy Morrow Band; the Four Freshmen; and the network country music program Midwestern Hayride with Bonnie Lou.
Ten years later, this full-page ad (below) ran in the August 20, 1966 Lorain Journal for the 111th Annual Lorain County Fair.
Attractions at the 1966 Fair included country music singer Eddy Arnold and His All Star Show, and Dan Fleenor's Hurricane Hell Drivers.
By George, Lorain Countians really enjoy those Hell Drivers.

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