Friday, August 5, 2016

Downtown Lorain to Get Holiday Inn – August 1976

From the August 5, 1976 Lorain Journal
This is kind of interesting, a "what if" type of article.

It ran in the Lorain Journal on August 5, 1976 – 40 years ago today – and chronicles the community reaction to the announcement that a Holiday Inn was going to be built in Downtown Lorain.

Of course, it didn't happen. But if it did, the hotel would be sitting right where the City Center parking lot is.

The quotes in the article are all very interesting. But the best one came from John Malinovsky, who was Lorain Police Chief at the time. "I'll believe it when I see it," he is quoted as saying. He also added, "If we got a Red Barn it would be an improvement.”

I first mentioned the Red Barn back on this 2009 post.

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Anonymous said...

I believe there was a Red Barn in Elyria on Cleveland St. on the corner of Rt. 57. Kitty corner across the street was Bendix and heading far east into No. Ridgeville was G.C. Murphy, Meyer Goldberg grocery store, Big Town, and Cyrus Erie the nightclub. In the early 80's something called Spanky's sprouted next to a bowling alley.