Friday, August 26, 2016

Back to Bay View

Although I did a post on Bay View last year, I couldn’t resist driving out there again this year.

There’s just something about this charming cottage community that’s very appealing to me. Perhaps it’s because its sleepy main street is missing the visual pollution that you find in bigger villages: dollar stores, chain drug stores, payday loan companies, tattoo parlors, etc.

Anyway, I grabbed a few shots around town. I was there fairly early on a Sunday morning, so there wasn’t too much activity.

I decided to drive out onto what’s left of the old Bay Bridge.
I resisted peeking in the barrel to see if fishermen were obeying the sign
Well, I guess that wraps up my summertime wanderings out in Vacationland here on the blog. Next week, it’s back to my usual Lorain County beat.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the trip! Thanks Rae

Dorene from Ohio said...

My old stomping grounds, as they say :)