Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vian’s Part 4

Nicholas Vian apparently believed in the power of advertising and promotion, as a second series of postcards were issued promoting his barbecue restaurant and cabin business. These are of a slightly different design than the earlier set, and all feature a border around the photo.

The postcard above shows that the restaurant building has been slightly modified around the entrance since the older postcard with the same view.

Another postcard in this same series shows the entrance to the cabin area (below), which was located behind the restaurant.

In this postcard (below), you can see the flagpole, as well as the low white wall with the urns, at the far right side of the photo.

And here are two more postcards from this same series (below). Although their image quality is not as good, they’re useful in that they provide additional views of the cabin area.

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