Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Polansky's Market Locations – Then & Now

I've mentioned many times that I stop at Polansky's Market on Dewey Road about once a week to buy something to put in my crock pot on Sunday. Well, I recently remembered that I had an ad for Polansky's from a 1955 edition of the Lorain Journal that included photos of both their stores at that time: the one at 14th and Long, and the Amherst store at 6703 Dewey Road.

Naturally, that means a meaty opportunity for not one, but two "then and now" photo treatments.

Here's the 1955 photo of the original store at 14th and Long (below).

And here's my shot from over the weekend. I’ll bet the market’s neighbors were pretty bummed when the Polansky store closed.

Here's the photo (below) of the Dewey Road store from the 1955 ad.

And here it is in 2015 (below), much larger than in the 1955 ad, probably due to the 1962 remodeling (which I wrote about here). As regular Polansky customers know, this building no longer houses the market, which is in another building further back from the road.

By the way, the Western pork ribs that I cooked up in my crock pot were dee-licious, especially with Mississippi Barbecue Sauce (also purchased at Polansky's) that was manufactured right in Fremont, Ohio.

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Rick Kurish said...

Is Steve's son John currently involved in the business operation? My younger brother and I played baseball with him in the summer kids leagues in Amherst around 1960. As I remember he was a pretty good baseball player, and later played on the Amherst High School team.