Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lorain Stores Christmas Ads – December 1965

As long as I seem to be stuck in 1965, here are a pair of ads from the pages of the Lorain Journal that December – 50 years ago.

First up is an ad for Sam Klein that ran on December 17, 1965. It features a comely Santa’s helper, which no doubt would be considered politically incorrect by today’s standards. Seeing as all of the things on sale are for men and boys, perhaps a beefcake Santa would have been more appropriate in the ad to catch the attention of female shoppers.

But the gimmick of staying open until Midnight with free coffee and donuts available is a good one.
The other ad (below) is for the iconic Hills store on Route 57 and ran on December 18, 1965. It features a rather abstract Santa Claus graphic, along with a more conventional drawing of crowd of happy shoppers. 
Note all of the men in the ad wear fedoras. (Dad had one too, and it was up on his bedroom shelf all the way into the 1970s, when we would use it to imitate Crazy Guggenheim.)

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