Thursday, December 31, 2015

If You Drink, Don't Drive Ad – December 31, 1956

Well, it doesn't have the Grim Reaper in it, but here's another vintage newspaper ad discouraging people from drinking and driving on New Year's Eve.

This full-page ad ran in the Lorain Journal on December 31, 1956.

Although the ad lacks the punch of the image of a diabolically leering skeleton (like this one), it does have a clever line: "Don't Insist on Your Rites."

As usual, the ad has a nice roll call of local businesses. Happily, the 1956 list includes several – including Polansky's, Sliman's, Gluvna Funeral Home and Dombrowski Funeral Home – that are still around in some form 59 years later. Also, the Barck name lives on through Barck Auction & Realty.

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