Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dreamland Motel on U.S. 20

Here's another vintage mom-and-pop motel on U.S. 20 that's now just a memory: the Dreamland Motel. I took the above photo with my trusty Pentax K1000, probably about the same time that I photographed the Trail's End Motel, (sometime during the 1990s). I believe the motel was still open when I shot my photo.

According to one realty website, the motel was built in 1952.

The Dreamland Motel was east of Norwalk, on the northeast corner of U.S. 20 and Laylin Road. You can see its ghostly "footprint" below. Just like the Trail's End Motel, only the paved portion of the former motel property remains.

Unlike the Trail's End, however, many photographers were able to shoot the Dreamland Motel’s sign before it was demolished, and there are a lot of photos of it online. You can see a nice color version of it (as well as a lot of other great, vintage Ohio signs) on the website by clicking here.

Special thanks to archivist and historian Dennis Lamont for making me aware of the demolition of the Dreamland Motel.


-Alan D Hopewell said...

Such a cool sign, and I love. the name!

Anonymous said...

Love the name also, makes me think of that song "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland".

Not entirely sure where it was at in that aerial shot......

Dan Brady said...

Sorry for the confusion - the remnants of the motel’s driveways and parking lot are in the grassy quadrant just to the right of the words "Laylin Rd” close to US 20. (The top of the “L” points right to the entrance on Laylin Road.) There is also a motel entrance on US 20 with a small grassy triangle in the middle of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I thought at first the lower left, then realized it looked too big.