Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Pueblo – Part 7

Photo from the July 11, 1958 Lorain Journal of the new cloverleaf looking west; the red arrow points to the Pueblo
With the roadwork done, and Lake Road traffic moving in both directions through the immediate area, 1958 would appear to be the year that things went back to normal for the Pueblo.

But as the year unfolded, change was the name of the game.

A huge ad (below) ran in the April 19, 1958 Lorain Journal announcing the Grand Opening of the “beautiful, new" El Pueblo under the new management of Florian Kovacs. Rudy Ziga and his Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra were to provide the musical entertainment.

About a week later on Friday, April 25, 1958 another ad in the Journal announced that Rudy Ziga and his orchestra were now appearing nitely. Hungarian Style Home-Cooked dinners were now the specialty.

A May 2, 1958 ad (below) reinforced the fact that the restaurant had evolved from its original American Southwest Pueblo theme to that of Hungarian cooking and gypsy entertainment.
Perhaps it’s not surprising that by early July of 1958, the restaurant had a new name: Gypsy Fiddle Inn. 
Here are a few ads from the Grand Opening.
Chronicle-Telegram ad of July 11, 1958
And here are a few ads from later in the year (below).
Ad from November 1958 Lorain Journal
Gypsy Fiddle Inn ads were fairly commonplace on the nightclub pages of the local newspapers in the late 1950s. Here are a few samples from 1959.
April 10, 1959 Chronicle-Telegram ad
May 22, 1959 Lorain Journal ad
Here's a June 10, 1960 ad announcing the opening of the Flame Bar and Dining Room.
June 10, 1960 Lorain Journal ad
As the 1960s began, a different kind of music began to edge out the gypsy violins, according to these newspaper ads from 1961 (below). Buddy Tingler’s Rock ’N Billy Band were featured regulars at the Gypsy Fiddle.
September 1, 1961 ad from the Lorain Journal
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Wireless.Phil said...

Yes, I remember riding in my parents car before the underpass was put in, that was a long timecago.

Wireless.Phil said...

I could be wrong, the underpass was always there and it was the roads changing after the underpass to the west.