Friday, October 2, 2015

Big Dick's Ad – March 21, 1975

To finish off my week of Lincoln Park posts, here's an advertisement from a later era – when the nightclub was called Big Dick’s. It regularly ran these attention-getting hand-lettered ads in the entertainment section of the local papers.

The one shown above ran in the Chronicle-Telegram on March 20, 1975.

Interestingly, I traded emails with a gentleman back in November 2010 about these very ads.

Raleigh wrote, "If you ever look at the microfiche of the Journal, take a look in the seventies [1976-78?] for the ads for Big Dick's Bar which was in operation at the old Lincoln Ballroom.  My brother-in-law tended bar there as he knew Dick Schupe and Dave Smith, the owners.

"He was doing the weekly ad for them in the paper, but tired of it and it was handed down to yours truly.  Crude art work at best, and I remember prying the information for the new ads out of Dick, doing the art work, then hustling to make it to the Journal by the Wednesday deadline.

"I have not seen those ads since I submitted them and saw them that following Friday night in the paper. If memory serves... usually long, tall ads… reversed boarders... fairly good size.  That would be a trip to see those again."
Raleigh had a good memory. I'm just sorry it took me almost five years to stumble upon one of these ads, and use his great reminisce on the blog!  


Rick Kurish said...

Although I was not aware of this iteration of Lincoln Park, the name "Big Dick" triggered something. In the 1980s I knew a guy who worked part time at a place called, I believe," Rockers", which I think was on Abbe Road. I think the guy who ran that place was named Schup or Shupp and I believe he was known as "Big Dick". Does anyone know if they are the same guy?

Wireless.Phil said...

Back then I was working at Mid-Contenent Telephone (Elyria telephone), I'd run in the Big Dick's at Lincoln Park a few times and knew Dick Schupe, the last time I saw him was at the Holiday Inn, he was working there as a manager or desk clerk, out by the Mid Way Mall. I really don't remember, but he did have a suit on.

Haven't seen or heard of him since.
Not shure if he's even still alive?

Mr. Raleigh McB said...

I know that Dave Smith and Dick Schupe also operated a tavern on Baumhart Rd across from the Lorain Assembly Plant that went by the name THE SALOON. This was mid to late 70's time frame. By the way, I'm Raleigh, the guy Dan was referring to but the ad posted is a "Pre-Raleigh" ad. It may be one of my brother in law's ads.

Dan Brady said...

Hi Raleigh! Thanks for the comment! Guess I still have to smoke out one of your ads for posting!

john g said...

I was from out of state working around the Lorain Ohio area in the late 70's I beleive. I remember going to big dicks, enof us, with 3 girls we met on the beach earlier. It was quite a wild joint! One night, a hard rock band playing Jethro Tull's Aqualung, and upon a closer look, the keyboard player was stark naked, playing like nothing was wrong. They rocked! Another bar back then around that area, was, maybe called Surf Side 6, around Lorain Ohio? Anyone remenber? We use to rent a boarding house, on hwy parrell to the lake, it sit surrounded by the Ford motor company plant. Big older house, was fixed ip really nice, at least back then.

john g said...

Was the Saloon on, or close to the lake? Do you remenber a bar called Surf Side 6 in that area also? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Big Dicks was the place in the 70's. Surfside 6 was another neat place.I was there one night and Jan and Dean were playing.Yes that Jan and Dean from "Dead Man's Curve." not many people there that night, only a handful. Got to sit with Jan and bs the night away. What a memory. Say, does anyone remember how to make Swamp Water a great drink served at Big Dicks. Green Chartreuse, Lemix and I can't remember what else... I was really good, served on drink and drown nights.