Monday, September 7, 2015

Sweeney Buick Ad – September 7, 1954

When Joe Firment Chevolet and Joyce Buick left town for the greener pastures of Avon a few years ago, buying a brand new car in Lorain from a dealer became a thing of the past. But in the old days, new car dealers were located on most of the major routes through town.

One of the dealers on Broadway was Joyce Buick’s predecessor: Sweeney Buick, Inc. And here’s an ad dating back to when it first opened that ran in the Lorain Journal on September 7, 1954 – 61 years ago today.

The actual Grand Opening was held on September 10-11.

I think my grandparents bought their white 1963 Buick LeSabre at Sweeney. That car ended up in our family when Grandma passed away, and it became the car that my older brother drove, shuttling us to and from Admiral King High School band practice in it during the mid-1970s.

We also took our driving test in it. After you’ve parallel parked a 1963 Buick, anything else is easy.

Anyway, Sweeney Buick was in business until around 1966, when it was replaced in the City Directory listings by Joyce Buick. Joyce Buick called the address home until around 1984.

Today it’s hard to imagine a Buick dealer at that 1797 Broadway location (below).

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