Monday, August 10, 2015

Memories of Tamsin Park – Part 1

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Was your family a camping family like mine?

Like many Northern Ohioans in the early 1960s, my family jumped on the summer camping bandwagon with great enthusiasm.

We towed our pop-up camper to a lot of parks around Northern Ohio in those early years, including Aurora Lake Park, East Harbor State Park, and Findley State Park. But it's the memories of camping at Tamsin Park on Route 8 in Peninsula, Ohio, that make me feel wistful.

Why? For two reasons. One: the park’s rustic Native American atmosphere and fine lakes made it a lot of fun for our family, and two: a housing development sits on the former park property, practically erasing all evidence that it was ever there.
So please join me as my blog takes its annual weeklong vacation from Lorain County, and I set up camp at Tamsin Park – if only in my mind – one more time.

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debbie said...

We also camped at tamsin park in the late 60's and into the 70's. We started when Tom Jones owned the part and was still there for years with the krutty's (not sure on the spelling any more). I have alot of great memories from there. We camped on "Top of Tamsin" along with the Way Family and a few others. My grandparents and aunt and uncle also camped there for years. Really miss that place but understand it is now a wine mill resturant. Thanks for sharing