Thursday, August 20, 2015

Firelands Country Store Reopens

September 2012 view
Remember the Firelands Country Store (above) on State Route 113 in Birmingham? It was the place to buy many hard-to-find and unique items from candy to cookware.

And then, without warning, it closed – with its stock still on the shelves, visible from the highway through the windows. I’ve driven by it for years, wondering what the story was behind the closing.

Well, as Lisa Roberson reported in the Chronicle-Telegram on Tuesday (here), the Firelands Country Store has reopened – for a limited time, that is. Her well-written story explains the reason that it closed so abruptly in the 1980s, and why it has suddenly opened its doors for a final close-out sale.

Her article reveals that the store has been there since 1958.

Anyway, it would certainly be interesting to make it in there for a last look, although its hours (Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm) make it a little difficult for those of us who work in Cleveland. I’ll have to see if I can make it there some time before it closes for good.

My mother shopped in there for years, and can still point to the items in her home that she purchased there. Plus, she bought a lot of candy there to bring on our cross-country camping trips for our family to munch on in the car.


Anonymous said...

I had to sit in the car when my parents went there. Finally went inside when my husband and I went Tuesday. I figured it must be made of glass inside. Some breakable items but not like I pictured. Bought a couple of items. Rae

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, it was like paradise, everything you could want. A really cool place,and the cheese and candy wonderful. Went this past wednesday,very sad to see what time and the elements have done to a once special place! Judy

Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

My Pfaltzgraf dinnerware set is from there. I remember all of the different foods and teas, etc. they sold there. It seemed it was always bustling with shoppers. I too drove past it not long ago and thought what will happen to it eventually; torn down?