Friday, July 10, 2015

Claus House

Courtesy Lorain County Auditor
On my post about the Claus farm on Lake Road, a reader named Bill N. left a comment in which he noted that the farm house could still be seen on the Lorain County Auditor website.

Bill was right. Although the house is no longer there on Route 6, the Auditor website includes a photo of it (above) as part of the parcel report for the former Claus property.

It's so strange seeing a photograph of it again. I passed it countless times on the highway over the years, not appreciating it as a link to the days when interurbans and trains rumbled by it on nearby trestles, and before Lake Road was improved. My only recollection – seeing the lights on inside the house as I passed it at night – was wondering what it would be like to live out on the highway there, all alone, between Lorain and Vermilion.

By the way, the Claus house also "haunts" Bing Maps.

If you progressively zoom in on a current aerial view of where the house used to be located, a phantom image of it briefly appears in one view (below) before disappearing.

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Anonymous said...

The school bus i rode to school in 1983 or 84 used to pickup a kid at this house. I don't recall his name but he did a pretty good Prince impression. I wonder if he was a descendant of the Claus family or if that house sold off over the years. That house was also part of the vermilion school district.