Monday, May 5, 2014

Out and About in Lorain on a Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday I was out and about (pronounced oot and aboot if you're Canadian) for a little while with my camera, taking note of some of the changes taking place on Lorain's West Side.

First up are the changes taking place at Lorain's iconic Castle restaurant. Until recently it has been operating as the popular El Arriero Mexican Restaurant. According to the brand new attractive sign, as of May 1, it is now Castillo Mexicano Mexican Restaurant and under new ownership.

I love that the new name and sign reflect the building's heritage. Here's wishing the new owners much success!

Just across the street and slightly to the east, the restaurant known as Beachcliff Diner – you know, the old Manners Big Boy with the sign that has said Pete's Family Restaurant for years – finally has a sign that says Beachcliff Diner!

It's a very nice sign and even has a little graphic of Lorain's Lighthouse on it.

Over on Oberlin Avenue, it looks like the old Muzik's Auto Care building will be a steaming pile of rubble very soon.

I understand that the well-remembered Muzik Brothers sign will be making the move to the company's new 704 West Erie Avenue location. Here's the link to the company's Facebook page.
It's good to see all of these family businesses making a commitment to the city that so many of us know as our hometown. Here's hoping that they all continue to enjoy great success.


Mike Kozlowski said... Dad proposed to my mom at the Castle, and I took my prom date there because I was SURE it was the classiest place in town...and I don't know how many summer days I rode down to Muzik's (It was a Gulf station back in the day) to fill up the air in my bike's tires, and then back across the street to DeLuca's/Rite-Nau for a snack...


Anonymous said...

I absolutley love this place. They have remodeled. It use to be el Arreiro. Food wasnt as good than it is now Service is good. It was my first time eating there and I loved the view. Margaritas are good you can actually taste the tequila. Our server was very polite and took care of us. Her name was marian I believe. The manager Jenny is such a lovely lady. The food was outstanding. I know I will be back next weekend. Price wise it is affordable. Not expensive